Peloton’s Leaderboard Patent

Peloton Interactive brings the spin class to your living room. Peloton machines have displays mounted on them that can show a spin instructor while the user is exercising. Part of the experience is that the user can join a spin class with her peers, in real-time.

In this patent (US10022590), the claims (which are the metes and bounds of the protected invention) relate to displaying and comparing performance data of the various users during the spin class. Thus, a user can check the ‘Leaderboard’ to see how she is performing during a session relative to the pack.

Peloton Display Example

This feature appears to be a part of Peloton’s overall brand and experience. The spin class at home is more than a solitary workout, but is interactive. It brings a competitive element to the spin session, and also a feeling of community.

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