Warby Parker’s Virtual Try-on Patent

Warby Parker (ticker: WRBY) goes public! The company sells glasses primarily through an online platform (website or app) although it does have some brick and mortar shops as well. They have developed a portfolio of patents that support this pipeline of selling glasses online.

Patent US10824250B2 protects the idea of displaying a camera feed of a user, to the user, but with a computer-generated model of spectacles being virtually placed on the user’s face. The user can virtually try on different models of spectacles before making a purchase.

The claims as originally filed in the patent application had broad language tried to patent this concept in its purest form. As often the case, however, the claims were narrowed during the patent examination process to get the patent allowed. For example, the patent examiner may have insisted on additional technical features to overcome prior art or an ‘abstract idea’ rejection.

Warby’s allowed claims here require determining a physical size of the face of the user, determining a size of the face of the user in ‘image pixels’, determining a ‘pixel size for each image pixel in the image’, among other features. Still, not a bad patent for Warby to have, considering that the technical features that are included in the claims are probably needed or, at the least, very useful in performing the underlying function of presenting virtual glasses on a user.

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