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Vincent Look

Honey Patent – the Online Coupon Code Assistant is Patent Protected

oney, the online coupon code web app is reportedly being bought by Paypal for $4 Billion. Honey has a web app, or “plug-in” that works with your browser to find and apply coupon codes for whatever website you are shopping on.
The founders, George Ruan and Ryan Hudson, apparently have a few patents relating to their core technology, including US10140625B2. In this patent, the claims relate to the workings of their online coupon assistant. For example, claim 1 of the Honey patent recites: “upon the user’s selection of the graphical trigger, automatically input each of the one or more digital codes…, thereby triggering the third party website to receive the one or more digital codes… and apply the digital code that causes the greatest change in the numerical value to obtain and display a resulting numerical value on the third party website.”

The Ocean Cleanup Patent

Inventor and entrepreneur Boyan Slat made waves some years ago by introducing a device that could potentially remove floating trash in the ocean. The device acts as an artificial coastline that floats in the middle of the ocean. The device passively collects trash (e.g., plastics) that float at […]

Google Likes to Watch You Watch Stuff

Google’s ‘audience attendance’ patent analyzes people and their body language, as they consume content, to see how interested they are. If you are a little concerned for your privacy, I don’t blame you. Although the invention here differentiates between identified individuals that A) have agreed to participate in […]