Square’s Power Efficient Card Reader

Square is a digital payment company known for its card reader that attaches to a mobile device (e.g., a smart phone). Square appears to be one of the ‘winners’ of this pandemic, having its stock practically triple in the last year.

Founder Jack Dorsey has many patents to his name relating to their mobile payment system. One of which is US9,858 ,603B2 which relates to a way of preventing the smart phone from perceiving that the card reader has been disconnected during power cycles.

NIO’s Replaceable Battery Patent

NIO (aka Wallstreet’s second favorite electric vehicle manufacturer) has a patent that covers a removable battery pack that attaches to a chassis of the vehicle. A month ago today, NIO’s stock was $3.63. At the moment it is trading over $13.00. This patent is compatible with NIO’s battery […]

Vaccine Patents? YES

Part of the novelty and improvement here is that the vaccine is made by growing the measles virus in a chick embryo tissue sample instead of monkey-tissue. This avoids the problem of simian viruses that are associated with those vaccines that were developed with monkey-tissue.

Swipe Right for Patent Protection

Tinder’s dating app allows user’s to ‘swipe right’ on dating prospect where there is interest and ‘swipe left’ on a non-prospect when there is no interest. Tinder, which is part of Match Group, has a patent application US20160127500A1 that relates to this swiping feature. The status of the […]

Samsung’s Keyboard Swipe Word Generator

Samsung’s patent application – US20180348891A1 – leverages deep learning (e.g., a trained neural network) to generate the user’s word, based on a swipe input. In the simple example below, a user swipes over letters ‘b’, ‘o’, and ‘y’ on a digital keyboard. The system leverages deep learning to generate the word ‘boy’.

Honey Patent – the Online Coupon Code Assistant is Patent Protected

oney, the online coupon code web app is reportedly being bought by Paypal for $4 Billion. Honey has a web app, or “plug-in” that works with your browser to find and apply coupon codes for whatever website you are shopping on.
The founders, George Ruan and Ryan Hudson, apparently have a few patents relating to their core technology, including US10140625B2. In this patent, the claims relate to the workings of their online coupon assistant. For example, claim 1 of the Honey patent recites: “upon the user’s selection of the graphical trigger, automatically input each of the one or more digital codes…, thereby triggering the third party website to receive the one or more digital codes… and apply the digital code that causes the greatest change in the numerical value to obtain and display a resulting numerical value on the third party website.”