Google Likes to Watch You Watch Stuff

Google’s ‘audience attendance’ patent analyzes people and their body language, as they consume content, to see how interested they are. If you are a little concerned for your privacy, I don’t blame you. Although the invention here differentiates between identified individuals that A) have agreed to participate in […]

Peloton’s Leaderboard Patent

Peloton Interactive brings the spin class to your living room. Peloton machines have displays mounted on them that can show a spin instructor while the user is exercising. Part of the experience is that the user can join a spin class with her peers, in real-time. In this […]

The Packages Are Coming!

Amazon recently received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to operate unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) for RnD purposes. With this approval, Amazon may start testing the UAVs for deliveries at certain authorized locations. Here, we have an Amazon patent US9305280B1 filed way back in 2014 that describes an […]